Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Zara Woman september lookbook

 Zara emailed their September lookbook to me today - these are my favourite pictures. I quite adore the grey pleat skirt, and although I used to have a cream shirt I think I lost it so I am searching for a replacement. I haven't had time to properly check it out though, as I've been hardcore emailing language schools in France, trying to find one to go to in October. I think I'm choosing between one in Montpellier and one in Toulouse - if anyone has any opinions on the towns, please say!

Tilda Swinton on front cover of Dazed and Confused
I watched the film Michael Clayton at lunchtime. It's about a fixer lawyer that has to make a hard moral decision - starring George Clooney so it's not as worthy as it sounds. Quite confusing up until the end, when it got really good. Tilda Swinton is in it too, and I have a huge acting-crush on her. (she once brushed past my arm at the bar during the interval of an opera at the ENO - I almost died)



  1. I love that grey skirt! its just great!!! I think for sure Toulouse is a great and wonderful place to live! I wish I had the opportunity to live there.
    Take a look to our blog and If you like it maybe we can follow each other ;)

  2. Zara is great this fall..:))

  3. zara's my #1 store. I'm following you now sweetness x


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