Sunday, 11 September 2011

I Am No Good At Love

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'I Am No Good At Love' by Noel Coward - a poem which appeals to me in my slightly despondent mood (the older of our two cats died yesterday, and I've been left feeling pretty sad)

I am no good at love
My heart should be wise and free
I kill the unfortunate golden goose
Whoever it may be
With over-articulate tenderness
And too much intensity.

I am no good at love
I batter it out of shape
Suspicion tears at my sleepless mind
And, gibbering like an ape,
I lie alone in the endless dark
Knowing there's no escape.

I am no good at love
When my easy heart I yield
Wild words come tumbling from my mouth
Which should have stayed concealed;
And my jealousy turns a bed of bliss
Into a battlefield.

I am no good at love
I betray it with little sins
For I feel the misery of the end
In the moment that it begins
And the bitterness of the last good-bye
Is the bitterness that wins.

I read it here this morning.

Tomorrow I promise an update on life, the universe, and everything - and a slightly less depressing post!


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