Friday, 16 September 2011

Lol from This Is England '86

I've just started watching This Is England '86 on 4OD - no idea how I missed this on Channel 4 first time round - only just finished the first episode, but I'd just like to point out LOL'S HAIR. Truly, truly awesome - and the fact that she goes to get married in a plaid shirt, oversized blazer, baggy jeans and DMs. Probably the definition of awesome, actually. I know it gets really rough for her later on in the series (incest, murder etc and all that) but, hey! at least she looks great!

(seriously though, I would KILL for that hair...and am searching eBay for some doc martins...the older and scruffier the better)



  1. haha :D

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  2. Ha, yeah the programme is really good, 10/10 marks for whoever did costume and design!

  3. thanks for checking out my blog. and boy is that some hair lol. visit me again soon :-)

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  4. Love the costuming in these two images! Looks like a great show, wish we had it in Australia :)

    -Laura xox


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