Sunday, 4 September 2011

First Post (drum roll please!)

Hi all,
So as of Monday I have decided to take a year out (hopefully without any of the awful 'gap yah' connotations) so that I can sort my life out, work out what I want to do, and apply to University. I am going to chart my success (or failure) here. A personal diary, a fashion blog, a musical commentary, whatever you want to call it, here it is! Hope you like it.

Metronomy - The Look

I'm listening to Metronomy (and pining for summer) while googling 'internships'-this whole process is a bit daunting. I have to spend time in France, Italy-oh and I want to do some acting too...anyone got any ideas they could chuck at me, I would appreciate it!

Wish I was in Venice at the moment actually-film festivals are so much fun. I went to the Berlin film fest a couple years back, and picked up lots of L'Oreal samples and watched 'Hello Dolly' - great film. I absolutely loved Kiera Knightley's dress for the premiere of 'A Dangerous Method'. Glad someone was brave enough to wear Mary Katrantzou's prints! The Guardian, though, only gave the film ** (although better than Madonna's 'W.E' - they absolutely slated that! so I'm not so sure whether I will actually see it...maybe just admire the premiere outfits instead.

I'm going to the pub this evening with friends, then heading back there tomorrow afternoon for a job interview. We'll see what happens with that - I've told them I can work all day, every day, up until I leave for France, but I don't know when I'm doing that, so it's all very vague...Fingers crossed, I guess!!


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