Friday, 9 September 2011

These boots are made for walking

From top left, clockwise: Deena and Ozzy brown chelsea bootsMaje Kassy chaussures black; Zara high heel ankle boot
Comptoir des Cottonniers oxblood low boots 

My new obsession...
If I had the choice, I would go with the Cottoniers ones, but I will probably end up buying the Zara pair, purely due to lack of funds. I love my job and everything, but sometimes I wish it was better paid.

That Vogue I found didn't have any pictures of Moss's wedding (forgot that Testino took them for Vogue US-but, um, she's a British model?! So how come they get her wedding photos??), but I loved the feature on the cast of Downton Abbey. (one of the photos) I CANNOT WAIT for that to start again on TV. I maybe showing my inner middle-agedness, but any programme which featured an Indian prince being carried down a corridor in the dead of night after dying during sex...well it merits a watch.

I have to come clean about the whole gap year planning/personal statement writing thang... I haven't made concrete plans for either of them yet - even though I said I was going to. Shocking, I know. And I have work tomorrow and the next day, so I'll probably use that as an excuse as well - but I kind of know where I'm heading PS-wise, so that shouldn't take too long. As for the French plan, well two language schools have sent me aptitude tests, so I have got to get my head around the idea of work again, and get down and do them. Oh, the effort of writing french verbs.


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