Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fuzzy camera

jacket - all saints, daisy dress - reading festival, shoes - UO
Hi all, apologies for the lack of posting, but I have been trying to figure a way to take a credible outfit photo that I won't be ashamed to upload. I've finally alighted on a scheme which involved me sticking my camera to my brother's music stand with a bit of bluetack - if anyone has any better methods (I'm sure they do!) please say! I could do with some advice. Also, I took these this evening in rapidly fading light, hence the fuzzy, awful quality. Will do better next time.
bangle - vintage
I bought this dress at Reading Festival 2010, with my last £20 (I sacrificed supper for it) and it has become my failsafe outfit if I am ever too tired/hurried to decide on what to wear. Like this morning, for instance: I went to a farewell-before-uni breakfast with my friends at the local cafe and woke up FIVE MINUTES before I had to be out the house. oops. So flung on my dress and ran.

I saw possibly the worst/best film today - William and Kate: The Movie - about the origins of the happy couple. It was absolutely dire, and therefore possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen because it was so hilarious. It deserves a watch, simply to check out Kate's awful collection of hats, or laugh at how woefully weedy lovely Prince Harry is.

Other things I have done recently: WORKED a lot and I can now make the best ever cappucino, went to Wagamamas with the gals from my drama group (recommend Cha Han which comes with miso soup-yum), housesitted some Labradors and decided that dogs aren't actually that bad, wrote my personal statement (!), went to London to visit the new mall in the City/attend a Shakespeare workshop, read the whole of Caitlin Moran's 'How To Be A Woman' - brilliant book! 

Oh and I've applied to volunteer at the BFI Film Festival in October, and filled out an application form for the Montpellier language course in November. Hopefully both of those will work out, and ta dah! my gap year will be sorted up until December - phew!



  1. Thanks for the comment :) I really like your dress, it so beautiful. I follow you now ;)

  2. Cute dress! Good luck with your application!

  3. Such a pretty dress, love the details - looks really nice with the blazer too. pretty! x

  4. Oh lovely dress! I like the floral details!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  5. love the detailing on your dress, thank you for your comment on my blog :) xx

  6. You look like Emilie de Ravin :)
    Nice dress !


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