Monday, 12 September 2011

Uno Dos Tres

Real Alcazar, Seville
shorts - topshop, tshirt - H&M
So I finished writing my personal statement! Well, almost - according to UCAS I am 'two lines over' - I shall finish editing it tomorrow. Having spent all afternoon jammed in front of my computer writing about French-and-Italian related shenanigans, I was thinking about summer, and how it has gone by so quickly. The fam and I went to Spain for the first time ever - I had been once before to San Sebastian, but it was only to go to the aquarium with the school during a French trip. And it was raining, so we didn't even get to go to Zara. This time we did! A bona fide Spanish experience.

To continue the holiday memories, here is a picture of me at the Real Alcazar. The quality is rubbish, but blame it on my brother (it took him several attempts to even get this one acceptable photo). I can feel the extreme 35 degree + heat just by looking at the picture, which is enjoyable after the massive amounts of wind and grey skies that we had today.

Something funny from our holiday: none of us could speak Spanish, but we could all speak Italian, so we kept getting words wrong. To stop us from counting 'uno due tre' and to get us to say 'uno dos tres' instead, we quoted this sketch from Fawlty Towers to eachother - just the first 10 seconds or so. It's pretty good.



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