Tuesday 7 February 2012

Make like Madonna at the Super Bowl

I have neglected this for the longest time - not exactly my most brilliant decision ever, as I have come to realise. Just when I have acres of free time on my hands and am about ready to apply for various fashion mag/site work experience type-stuff. My plan was to impress 'them' with this uber-cool portfolio of my absolutely amazing writing style, fashion skills and general all-round greatness and hireability. Instead, I have an amateurish, horrendously un-uptodate corner of the internet, which I would be embarrassed to show my mum. Oops.

However, after wasting a day on YouTube, I have decided to make like Madonna at the SuperBowl and just go for it with every sort of glitz and glam and fireworks and crazy futuristic Egyptian americana sports-style Cleopatra madness, which shouldn't work on so many levels, but somehow, just DID. I think.

If you haven't watched it, it is necessary that you do so now. I don't even know what sort of sport the SuperBowl is (or whether this is even how you spell it, or if I have just created this new word).

Here we go then, blog take II.
And if I can get round to it, I will think about changing the name and/or web address, or whatever, since this is CLEARLY not a gap yah blog any more.
And now I need to stop talking about myself in overly-knowing sentences. And start creating. If html can be creative.


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  1. I have to agree! Granted if we wandered around in gold capes we'd get some looks but my oh my Madonna can rock anything can't she? x


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