Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mor - Jewellery Carnaby and Soho London

One of the best jewellery shops I found around Carnaby Street, when I was looking to spend my birthday money on something long-lasting. I can't wear silver jewellery as my skin tone is too pale, but Mor has the best bronze jewellery which looks classy but less expensive than gold (thank god). It's hypoallergenic too, which is great as I'm wary of becoming allergic to metals, as my mum is allergic to nickel and silver and it's such a pain for her to buy jewellery.

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The shop sells basically a nicer version of beach jewellery, the type you buy in little shops on Greek islands, with some interesting twists - so there was a necklace with lava rocks posing as a string of beads. I bought a freshwater pearl bracelet and pair of bronze earrings in the shape of a flower (will post photos later). The designs are all created by three different women, and they pull on architectural structures and ancient jewellery artefacts to create some thoroughly modern pieces. 


  1. They look amazing! I love the second earrings!

    Fang Ting

  2. Thanks for your comment,I know what you mean,but a tip I was told was to paint the inner side of your ring with clear nail polish,it stops your finger from going green x
    Hope your well and are having a wonderful day.

  3. We love accessories so much! It looks so great!

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  4. Those accessories look amazing!


  5. thanks..I was in stockholm last week..that's where I took the pictures and tomorrow I'm going to berlin:D


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